Inspired by studio portraits and group relationships, I art directed and photographed the MFA graphic design class of 2008. A silhouetted outline representation of a group photograph is the key that explains who each individual is within the picture. Often these representations are the subtext, far smaller than the image itself, and printed alongside for the viewers to know who they are looking at. Interested in seeing whether this notion could be reversed—diagram as portrait—I proposed the creation of a life-size abstraction that was drawn and ultimately re-constructed by the individuals themselves. The making of this diagram was filmed and sped-up on a loop, and installed alongside the artifact itself. This piece was a site-specific wall drawing shown at the RISD MFA Thesis Exhibition in June 2008.

A collaboration with Melissa Lankhaar, RISD MFA '08
Photograph, Wall drawing, 15 x 10 feet, Quicktime movie, 02'20''
Movie coming soon.